Oberson's Competitive Edge

We have over 2 million dollars in snow removal equipment. The number one thing needed for sufficient snow removal is large, quality equipment. 

How do we have new and better equipment than anyone in the tri-state?  We run 92 Arctic Sectional plows and 30 salt spreaders all new every season. Our equipment is not only the best in the Midwest, it is also dedicated to you and your parking lot. We guarantee equipment is set aside for your lot only. It will remain at your lot during a snow or ice storm to ensure your lot is cleared quickly and efficiently. Our equipment is not overbooked. We only take accounts that we have the equipment to handle - elite accounts, that want the best snow removal service at a fair price.

About Our Equipment
View the video of the best snow pusher on the market, the Sectional Plow - www.sectionalplow.com.

We are fortunate to live in the state of Ohio where the largest salt spreader company is located. We run all stainless steel salt spreaders that are new every year and built by Buyers Products - www.saltdogg.com.